To be eligible for the award of a scholarship, applicants MUST:

  • Be a citizen of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Not have residency status in any other country
  • Be medically and physically fit to complete the academic programme
  • Have been accepted or applied to an accredited or recognised academic institution to pursue an accredited/recognised course of study.

(Except for scholarships offered to nationals of other countries)

Please note:
Each scholarship offered has specific requirements. You must carefully review all the information stated in the advertisement to determine your eligibility for the scholarship.


On Completion of Studies – Obligatory Service

After you have completed your period of study, you will be required to serve a specific period of obligatory service in the Public Sector.  The period of obligatory service ranges from one [1] year to five [5] years based on the total cost of the scholarship. 

If you have completed your course of study, the SATD has many options available for you.
Please read on  to learn about our exclusive scholar employment opportunities and programmes. 
You can also join the National Scholars Alumni Association of Trinidad and Tobago and network with both young and seasoned professionals from a range of educational backgrounds.

Please click on the links provided to learn more or see below for a list of relevant forms. 

Scholar Employment Form

Application to Complete Obligatory Service in Local Private Sector or Regional Organisation

Application to be Released from Obligatory Service

List of State Companies in Trinidad and Tobago