Employment Programmes

All scholars are required to serve their obligation in accordance with the terms in their scholarship agreement. Placement and employment of scholars are governed by the “Policy on the Placement and Employment of Government Scholars”.

Public officers are required to return to their substantive positions and may apply for promotion through Service Commissions Department. In an effort to support the employment of scholars who are Non-Public Officers, the Ministry have developed the Associate Professional Programme. Medical Scholars are required to report to the Ministry of Health to be placed on the Medical Internship Programme.

The Associate Professional Programme

The Associate Professional (AP) Programme is designed to employ scholars, on contract, as an Associate Professional in the Public Sector of Trinidad and Tobago. It is directed to scholars who have completed their studies but have not been placed in established positions by the Service Commissions Department or employed on contract within the the Ministry of Education.

This Programme is a transitionary one, geared specifically towards training and exposing returning scholars to the world of work and equipping them with specific leadership and professional skills. It is intended to make scholars more marketable and better prepared to handle the work environment.

The SATD assigns Scholars as Associate Professionals to various Ministries, Departments and other Public Sector Agencies where there are critical human resources gaps. They may be asked asked at any time to consider transitioning into vacant positions.

This programme was established in an effort to allow the Ministry of Education (MOE), Scholarships and Advanced Training Division (SATD) to:-
• Give scholars the opportunity to be exposed to a high level of support and development when starting their career and serving their Obligation to the GoRTT.

• Allow Ministries/Agencies to review the knowledge and skills of the returning scholars and prepare for their transition to positions (whether established or contract positions) in the organization.

Professional Development Programme

The Professional Development Programme (PDP) is a structured, six (6) month training and development opportunity for returning scholars. It aims to enhance specific behavioural and technical competencies in order to improve job performance and as such, contribute to their successful integration into the working world. It was created as an avenue for national scholars to assume future leadership roles, and it is the intention of the Ministry of Public Administration to have all returning National Scholars participate in the PDP.
The Programme is managed by the Government Human Resources Company Limited (GHRS).
The PDP focuses on the following competencies:

• Drive for results
• Learning and Improving
• Strategic Decision Making
• Constructive/Critical Thinking
• Building productive relationships
• Communicating with impact
• Service Excellence
• Change Facilitation
• Ethics and Integrity

During the six (6) month period, participants will be required to attend monthly meetings with their line managers or assigned mentor, as they work towards completing the tasks outlined to build each competency. They will also have scheduled “check-in” sessions to give updates on their progress. Additional resources are made available to them for feedback and development.