About Us

Scholarships enable citizens to acquire skills and training in areas critical for developing the country. The Scholarships and Advanced Training Division has responsibility for the administration of scholarships and long-term technical assistance awards offered by / through the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our core values are Team-Driven, Result-Oriented, Integrity-Based and People-Centred. 

The core functions of the SATD are:

    • Processing the offer of training awards to nationals;
    • Management of the National Bursary Programme which supports strategic national development by aligning bursary grants to areas that have been identified as meeting national priority.
    • Serving as the Secretariat of the Scholarship Selection Committee and the Scholarship Review Committee;
    • Implementing procedures to enable successful candidates to take up their awards;
    • Servicing awards, monitoring the progress of trainees and ensuring that they make themselves available to fulfil their contractual obligations;
    • Facilitating the placement of returned scholars;
    • Ensuring the recovery of monies spent on awards in the case of defaulting trainees.
    • Prior to the establishment of the Personnel Department in 1965, the administration of scholarships granted by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and those obtained under Technical Assistance Programmes were undertaken by the Ministry of Education and later on, by the Ministry of Finance.