Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The minimum eligibility requirements to be considered for a scholarship offered by the GoRTT, applicants must:

• be a citizen, resident in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
• have prior proof of application or acceptance to the programme they wish to pursue.

Persons will need to meet additional eligibility requirements based on the type of scholarship advertised.

Generally, the age limit is forty five (45) for Non- Public Officers and fifty (50) for Public Officers.

In some cases, the age limit may be adjusted according to the programme of study.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago offers scholarships to nationals of Commonwealth Member States under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan.

Each scholarship is peculiar depending on the place of study and the circumstances that warrants the award of the scholarship. However, scholarships usually cover the cost of:

  1. Tuition
  2. Books
  3. Compulsory fees
  4. Airfare (where applicable)
  5. Incidental Travel Allowance
  6. Disability Grant for the purchase of Assisted Devices
  7. Personal maintenance allowance (P.M.A.) for non-public officers
  8. Salary loan (if applicant holds a substantive appointment in the Public Service)
  9. Special Equipment
  10. Warm Clothing Allowance and Replacement Warm Clothing (where applicable)

In cases where candidates reneged on the terms and conditions of their scholarships, it will constitute a breach of contract. In accordance with established policy, the candidate will be required to repay all monies spent by the Government plus interests.

Scholars must seek permission from the Ministry in advance in order to switch courses and/or institutions. If permission is not granted in advance, the award would be terminated and they would be in breach of their agreement.

Candidates can have their awards suspended for a period of time only in cases of illness in which a valid medical report is presented.

All scholars are required to maintain a 2.5 to 4.0 G.P.A.

Where a scholar breaches the scholarship agreement, the scholar shall be liable to refund to the lender the total amount of the loan made to the student together with interest together at the rate of 7.75% percent per annum, calculated from the month of instalment of the loan which was paid to or on behalf of the student and thereafter on outstanding monthly balances.

The Ministry of Education has no provision for the grant of financial aid to persons who do not qualify for a scholarship.

However, please note that the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training does offer Financial Assistance or GATE.

Yes, however the scholarship must not conflict with the scholar’s obligation and the relevant permissions must be obtained.