Application to Complete Obligatory Service in Local Private Sector or Regional Organisation


Employment counted towards Obligatory Service is governed by the Policy on “Placement and Employment of Government Scholars.” Before completing this form, please carefully review the Policy to ensure that you satisfy all the requirements for your proposed employment to contribute towards your obligation.

Service within regional or international organizations situated locally or abroad in which the GoRTT is a member or service in the local private sector will be considered towards a scholar’s obligation to the GoRTT provided that ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • The scholar has satisfied all the requirements for reporting.
  • The GoRTT has been unable to offer employment to the scholar within three (3) months of the date the scholar reported to the SATD or For scholars who are employed through a Temporary Job Placement Programme (e.g. Associate professional Programme, On the Job Training Programme) or employed on a short term contracts for a period of twelve (12) months or less, the Ministry/Agency in which they are placed or the SATD is unable to identify a suitable vacant position in which the scholar will be/was transitioned.
  • The scholar has been unable to secure employment on his/her own accord and/or is not currently employed within the public sector.
  • The scholar has a valid offer of employment from the international/regional organization in which the GoRTT is a member, or from a local private organization.
  • The offer of employment is in accordance to the particulars of the scholar’s course of study.
Required Documents
The following documents are required for an application to be considered: Please note that all documents must be scanned and uploaded as part of the application.

Please ensure that you have submitted all required supporting documents to ensure that consideration is given to your request.

Scholar Information

Proposed Employment Details

PermanentContractShort TermOther

Current Employment


I confirm that the information provided above and all the attachments are true and correct. I acknowledge that any false information provided or any relevant information deliberately withheld, may result in the immediate withdrawal of approval. <br> NB: Please note that you must scan and upload all the required documents before your application can be submitted for processing.