Application Form – Extension of the Duration of Scholarship

Instructions The Extension of a scholarship is governed by the Policy on EXTENSION OF THE DURATION OF SCHOLARSHIP.
Extension may be granted on the following grounds:
  1. There is an official change in the course of study or course schedule by the academic institution and there is no remedy available for the enrolled scholarship recipient, except for an extension of the duration of the course of study.
  2. The occurrence of a natural disaster or civil unrest which affects the scheduled operations of the academic institution and/or the scholar; and prevents the scholar from completing the course of study as scheduled.
  3. The scholar is required to continue his/her enrollment for a period not exceeding six (6) months, solely for the purpose of:
    • Defending his/her thesis, where the defense of the thesis is not within the control of the scholar;
    • Writing certification examinations necessary for completion of studies which are not available during or by the end of the normal academic year. Such an extension shall not exceed TT$50,000.00.
Supporting Documents Instructions

Required for All Grounds

Ground 1

Ground 2

Ground 3

Public Officers / Additional Information

Scholar Information

Ground for Extension


I hereby request an extension to the scholarship awarded to me by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I understand that the additional cost of the extension will be compounded to determine my period of obligatory service. I confirm that the information provided above and all the attachments are true and correct. I acknowledge that any false information provided or any relevant information deliberately withheld, may result in the immediate termination of my extension.