The National Scholars’ Alumni Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NSAATT) was created in 2009 to promote the professional and social development of Returning Scholars.*  Its mission is to bring these scholars together to use their skills and knowledge to contribute to national and regional development.  Since 2009, the association has grown to include both young and seasoned professionals from a range of educational backgrounds.

You may be wondering how you can get involved. As long as you have successfully completed your course of study, the NSAATT welcomes you to the Association. However, continuing scholars who have not yet completed their course of study can join but with limited benefits.**

NSAATT is voluntary and no membership fee is required.
There are four (4) main committees you can join

Activism: brings scholars of different backgrounds to analyse current policies and issues and create plans of action.

Outreach: focuses on the people aspect of the Association. The Alumni works with non-governmental organisations to effect change in crucial areas.

Professional Development: promotes lifelong learning and career enhancement for members.

Entertainment: ensures that our association is not all work and no play. Members plan events to encourage networking and enjoyment for all members.

The NSAATT meets once every month. Please contact us at scholarsalumnitt@gmail.com.

*Returning Scholar – Scholarship Recipient who has completed his/her course of study. He/She will qualify as a full member.
**Continuing Scholar – Qualifies as a student member

Please click here to download the NSAATT Brochure.

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