Application to be Released from Obligatory Service

  • The process for Releasing a Scholar from Obligatory Service is governed by the Policy on ‘Placement and Employment of Government SCHOLARS.’ Before completing this form, please carefully review the Policy to ensure that you satisfy all the requirements for a Release from Obligatory Service to be considered.
  • Release from Obligatory Service may be granted provided that all of the following conditions are met:
    • The Ministry responsible for SATD is unable to offer employment in accordance with the particulars of the course of study in which the scholar was engaged.
    • The scholar has been unable to secure employment locally, in accordance with the particulars of their course of study for a period of eighteen (18) consecutive months or more.
    • The scholar of his/her volition can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the SATD, Ministry of Education, that he/she has unsuccessfully conducted a reasonable search for employment, in accordance with the particulars of their course of study, or other opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Please note that all required supporting documents must be scanned and uploaded as part of the application.
Scholar Information

Current Employment
( Where Applicable)

PermanentContractShort TermOther

Employment History
(Please indicate all places of employment subsequent to reporting to the SATD.)

Kindly list all the organisations for which you applied for employment since reporting to the SATD
(Please note that you must attach evidence of the applications being received by the relevant organisation, for instance; email responses.)